I graduated in 1960 from Southwest Texas State University with a degree in Mathematics and the equivalent in Physics, with minors in Chemistry and Education.  For most of my life I was a teacher in highschool math and science.  The latter half of that time was in Christian highschools, where I taught a variety of additional topics including Bible, computers, and history.  I also taught aviation, electronics, and amateur radio classes in adult vocational schools, and was an instrument flight instructor and taught a Private Pilot course at Central Washington University in Ellensburg.

On the side, and after I left my highschool teaching career, I worked in electronics, computer programming, and as a Commercial Pilot/Flight Instructor, and was a lay pastor of several churches.

And in the last five years, I did something quite different that I had always wanted to do: I drove semi-trucks across US and Canada..  

And that is one of the things that led to what I'm doing here and now: providing for serious needs that everyone has, with particular focus on people spending long hours on the road, and otherwise involved in hours of lonely routine work.  What these needs are will become apparent below, under "Commentaries."

Bob Meyers                                                                                                                                                                                                             bwmeyers@toast.net


What Does the Future Hold?
   For you, in particular:  The most important article
   you will
  ever read, if you don't already know it.

What Does the Future Hold?
   For the world in general.  The nations. 

The Eight Surprises!
   An environmental eye opener.  This is old, but
   the principles are even more valid and urgent today. By
   permission from Dr. John  McKetta.

What is the World's Most Famous Quotation?

What is the Most Important Book?

Why Should I Study the Bible?

A Remark by Augustine
  Seeking to undo some harmful popular nonsense.

Getting Car Started for Dummies

Creation Assumptions
   Essential understanding about the Creation/Evolution

Are You Normal?
   Then you are in trouble.

What is the Unpardonable Sin?


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    Studies of games: "Fritz and Meyers" vs.
    The Grandmasters and Annotators"

Music and Video
     Seeking to bring music back to America.

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