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"Chess Masters and Annotators vs Fritz and Meyers"

With the help of Grandmaster Fritz (a grandmaster level chess program) and a lot of study, I have found what I believe are a lot of serious errors both in the games as played by the best players in the world, and by annotators who have written on those games, who are themselves among the world's best players.  I'm no master myself, nor even an expert, but I think these studies can give you a very enjoyable, easy, and rapid progress toward becoming a very strong player yourself.  Meaning even a grandmaster, if you have the native traits of

1.    Love for the game and a fighting spirit
2.    Memory and calculational ability
3.    Ability and studied knowledge to judge the quality of a position

Grandmasters have these traits to an extreme level --- they are gifted.  For example, #2:  many of them have been able to play many games at once, without sight of the any of the chessboards.  They are able to see ten different boards, in their minds, not only at their present positions but also past and future positions.  I was chided by a chess playing friend once, because I couldn't play a game with him in our minds as he was driving us down the highway.  I was a pretty good player, over the board, and he couldn't understand how I could be, not having that ability.

Scheve vs Teichmann 0-1 Berlin 1907 Gioco Piano