I just did an Internet search to find the most famous quotation.  I think that every site I visited had, if any, a different choice from all the others. So it is evident that no one actually knows what the most famous quotation is.


Of all the choices, only one was found "from the Bible," and that quotation is not found in the Bible!  Nothing in the Bible is even close! 


I believe that I know the most famous two quotations in all human literature, evident or not.  And neither of them was found in my internet search.  While driving down the highway, I quoted the second one periodically, on trucker's channel 19, and the results constituted adequate proof that it is indeed a most famous quotation in all the literature of man.  In fact, I have been told so in no uncertain terms many times, as a response.  I was told that it was senseless to waste people's time on the air repeating something that everyone knew.


I am certain that the most famous quotation is "In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth."  I doubt that any adult in America, or any other English speaking country, has never heard that quotation.


But it is not the one I quoted, which is probably the second most famous quotation.  The fame of that one was again indicated by the responses I got, eg:


"That's not what it says!"  "That's something everybody knows!"  "That's something everybody needs to know."  "Amen!"  "Shut up, you # moron!"  "Thank you! I really needed that!" Etc.  "Death to all Christians!" (and more than once implied): "If I find you, I'll kill you."  "Hey!  That's John 3:16!" (and a number of these went on to quote the passage further!)


None of these reactions would result I had quoted quotations from Thomas Edison, Aristotle, Cicero, Kennedy, Shakespeare, or any other man.


This is the quotation:


"God so loved the world, that He gave His onlybegotten Son {the Lord Jesus Christ}, that ANY PERSON who trusts in HIM, will never be condemned for his sins, but will have everlasting life." --- John 3:16.


This is not only the 2nd most famous quotation in all literature; it is also THE most important: to you, and to me.  Because, unlike all the searched quotations I found, this one is absolutely true; and is of infinite impact, both as to the intensity, and to the duration, of its effect.  There is NOTHING that even approaches the importance, to you, of comprehending, and responding to that statement.


"God" --- Who is He?  He is "the One with Whom we have to do."  That is, you and I are going to appear before Him, and we are going to give an account: and the result of that account is going to be infinite: it is going to be "eternal death," or "eternal life."  Both of which are beyond our ability to conceive in this world.  He is the One who created the universe we live in, and we ourselves.  And He demands the attention, in this life, of every one of us.


"so loved the world" --- this statement, in the Biblical Greek grammar, is in what is called the aorist tense.  The aorist tense describes an action at a single point in time, not a continual situation.  The words point to an event in which God acted to achieve the salvation of us who would believe; it does not describe His attitude toward the world, today, or toward those who do not believe.  Of the latter, the same Chapter goes on to say, "but he that believeth not shall not see life, but the WRATH (the opposite of love) of God remains on him." --- John 3:36.


"that He gave" --- God is telling us that what He did for us COST Him something.  It cost Him a LOT!!  For starters, it resulted in a change in His Being forever.  But this is another subject down the line for anyone who might be interested.  But there is going to be righteous Fury against every man who counts what He is saying here as unworthy to listen to.


"His onlybegotten Son" --- this is another vast subject for a later study.  That the Lord Jesus Christ IS this God, Himself; and that parallel passages show that He did NOT have a beginning: He was not "a child of God," as the shallow reader would take this to mean.  God had no beginning. But, as a MAN, He did have a beginning.


"that ANY PERSON" --- there is no person so bad, or so stupid, that he cannot have this salvation, if he will ONLY COME TO BELIEVE.  Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Darwin, Engels, Clinton, bin Laden, Voltaire, Rusk, Saul of Tarsus, Menasseh, Jezebel, Nimrod, Ahab, Lyell, Hutton, Bush, Pilate, Judas, and you, --- this salvation is as available to any of them as to anyone else . . .


But how can a person, then, "come to believe?"  Can you just decide to really believe something?  That's another important subject for down the line, but it's important enough for you to have an answer right now: get God's answer for you in John 20:30-31.


"who trusts in the Lord Jesus Christ" --- will be in joyful glory with Him forever and ever and ever and ever.  We will probably be surprised at the presence of some of the above in Heaven: in fact, we know that a number of them DID believe, and will be there!!  Eternal destiny of a man IS NOT BASED ON HOW HE LIVED; IT IS BASED ON WHAT HE KNOWS!!


     I wonder if you ever realized that most important fact??


The Bible says that, "for by GRACE are ye saved through FAITH, and (even) THAT is not of yourselves: it is the GIFT of God.  It is NOT of WORKS (the way you lived your life), lest ANY PERSON would have any ground for boasting."  Ephesians 2:8-9


     THAT is one of the most infathomable facts ever presented to the human mind.  But BELIEVING it is essential to salvation.  And any person who trusts in the Lord Jesus Christ does have no trouble believing it.  Just as he has no trouble believing that He fed 5000 hungry people with a few peices of bread and fish, and had twelve baskets left over.  Or that "He died for our sins according to the Scriptures."  Or that in the Beginning, "He created the Heavens and the Earth."


"will never be condemned for his sins" --- now the pundits who objected, "that's not what it says," are technically correct (although they don't know what they're talking about).  Of course, it doesn't "say" any of these words! --- the passage is not even written in English, but in Koine Greek --- which no one speaks any more.  When you are reading an English version of "the Bible," you are not reading the actual Bible, but rather someone's translation of the Bible (and in many cases, such as my words at this phrase, not even that).  The King James translation of what it says is "shall never 'perish,'" which is a very weak translation of the awful word 'apoluo," which literally implies being "torn apart forever."  This is the result of our sins, if God hadn't in His love, intervened, by the death of His onlybegotten Son in our place.


"but have everlasting life." --- A large number of catcallers, when I quoted this passage, said, "after the life we've seen in this world, who the hell wants to live forever??"  That is a VERY common attitude, affecting I believe MANY MANY people.  The attitude misses every point of all Truth.  It misses the fact that every last evil of the present life is going to be REVERSED in eternity.  It's the meaning of "God shall wipe away every tear . . ."  Evils are the result of sin, or of potential sin: both of which will be non-existent, then. And so the evils, therefore, will be non-existent.  "No eye has ever seen; no ear has ever heard; no man could ever imagine the things that God hath prepared for them that love Him." (1 Corinthians 2:9)  That means, those who love to learn the TRUTH.  And those things will never end; in fact Isaiah 9:7 implies that they will increase forever!




Christ Died to Save You!