What Does the Future Hold?

In the years about 610 to 537 BC, the Bible told us what the future holds!  And It claims be the Word of God.  And backing up that claim is the fact that those Prophecies have occurred to absolute precision, so far, as to dates, days of the week, and names and descriptions of kingdoms and of individual men. 


The above charts depict the two broad outlines of those Prophecies.  They are the two blue lines and the green filler line (gap) in the second blue line.   

The Orange line is not part of the Prophecies!  It is something which God kept secret (Grk. musterion --- Eng. mystery) throughout the Old Testament times, and even during the Gospels and early Acts period (and is masked out in the Apocalypse, which is utterly an "Old Testament Book").  This extremely important understanding is covered in Part 3.

 The upper blue line is the general world Prophecy given in Daniel 2.  It has been fulfilled perfectly (as has all Bible prophecy) for the events up to our present time; and we can expect that the remaining part still future will be fulfilled just as perfectly[1].

The lower blue line is the specific world Prophecy regarding Jerusalem and the Jews given in Daniel 9. It has been fulfilled perfectly (as has all Bible prophecy) for the events up to our present time; and we can  expect that the remaining part still future will be fulfilled just as perfectly1. 

Part 1: --- the upper blue line:  The "Times of the Gentiles." 

 Part 2: --- the lower blue  and green lines:  "The Seventy Weeks."

 Part 3: --- the orange line: "The Mystery." 

 Part 4: --- filling in other details from all parts of the Bible for an extensive detailed view.

Part 1.           The Future for the World from Daniel 2

Written around 600-500 BC, the Prophecy of Daniel 2 gave us the outline, below, of the career of the world, beginning with the Babylonian Empire.  From it, we can get one of the broad outlines of the future, and a skeleton to put hundreds of other Biblical Prophecies into to get a very extensive and fairly complete picture of the future.

 This Prophecy foretold five major world powers to come, from the time it was given, and on into the future from where we are, today[2].  They were portrayed in a dream the King, Nebuchadnezzar, had, of a colossal metallic statue, the meaning of which was interpreted to him by Daniel the Prophet (Daniel chapter 2[3]).  The statue's body parts represented the present Babylonian empire, and future regimes to come.  The first three were named in the original Prophecy, a spectacular miracle in itself.  Then Nebuchadnezzar saw a stone (from God) come and strike the image on its toes, causing the collapse of the image to nothing but dust, and then expand to fill the entire universe.  It is the prophecy of the Lord Jesus coming in power and glory to establish an everlasting kingdom forever, which will expand over all the Universe[4], beginning with a 1000 year reign just on this present earth (Revelation 20:4-6).

 The dates above were not included in the Prophecy; nor was Rome named in it[5].  The preceding three empires were named, however, in the Book of Daniel. The Greek empire under Alexander the Great was named and precisely described over 320 years before it existed!  Rome, though not named5, was also accurately described; and its future is also described in Daniel and in the Revelation, where it is also unnamed5.  The dates are filled in from our present historical knowledge of the fulfilments of the Prophecy so far.

 What Daniel predicted has been precisely fulfilled, from the Babylonian Empire until now, just before the awful "10 nation Confederation," which is next to come[6], probably very near future.  Thank God, if you are a Christian, you will not have to face that time on earth, at least not the worst of it; you will be taken out of the world before it comes.  This, again, will be discussed in Part 3.  The time of that confederation will be by far the worst time in all world history.  Our Lord named it "The Great Tribulation," (Matthew 24:15 and Revelation 1:9) which term I'm sure you've heard of.  It is a picture of Hell (which every person who dies as an unbeliever will face forever), on the earth.  In Jeremiah it is described as a time when the countenance on every man's face will be that of a woman giving childbirth.  Something like that was not even matched in the Nazi death camps of WWII.  This era is what the main body of Revelation is about.

 The influence of the world power, "Rome," will develop 10 kingdoms (the ten toes of the image), or regions of the world (there are maps available today, showing 10 regions Rome has plans to divide the world into[7]).  These are depicted as "feet of iron and miry clay" in the prophecy of Daniel 2 with the toes of the feet elaborated on in Revelation (which is the continuation and completion of Daniel's Prophecies). Rome will probably incorporate all world religions under its leadership, except for true Christianity[8], which Rome is going to deal with as it has in the past, although more severely so in the future.  It is evident, right now, that Rome is presently allying with the fastest growing and 2nd most powerful religion in the world, whose written goals include the annihilation of all Jews, followed immediately by that of all Christians who will not join them (eg Surah 9:5, etc --- they, of course, deny that this means what it says, and argue thus in internet posts you can read, as if their history were meaningless . . .  another subject).

 Rome will bring these 10 kingdoms into power, and establish and support a "king" over each, as it has done with world powers in the past two millennia.

 Again, there are many details, such as the above mentioned "Rapture," and political and religious developments involved in the Chart from Rome to and including "the Messiah," which are not mentioned in Daniel 2, but are in many other parts of the Bible.  One of these is the detailed description of the last part of "the 10 nation confederation", which the Bible in the NT repeatedly and clearly warns will be the most awful period that will have ever occurred on all of world history (eg Matthew 24).  This is the period that the main body of the Apocalypse is about; and as the delightfulness of the Kingdom of Heaven is going to be beyond all human imagination, so the awfulness of the period of the 10 nation confederation (in its latter form) is also going to be beyond all human imagination.

However, some time into this confederation period, things are going to work out badly for Rome, also --- fatally badly[9]!  The 10 world kingdoms she has orchestrated are going to disintegrate into 7; three of them are going to fall to a new super leader to come on the scene.  He is going to use Rome in his rise to power, and at first appear to all as an astonishing statesman, military genius, economic genius, health genius, etc.  He is going to have supernatural power and wisdom from satan, himself, who is putting him forth, and giving him his rise.  I'm sure you've heard of "Antichrist," and "the Beast," etc --- this is he!  And, at some time during his reign, Rome's usefulness to him will end, and he will annihilate it  (Revelation 17), to the shock and horror of the unbelieving world (sounds like it may be a nuclear incident).  These people often wipe out many of their own, when they make a move, as did the Adm. in 911.  It's "high class" chess, in which game sacrifices are often essential to winning.

The timing and details of all this are far more thoroughly given in the 2nd part, about the "Seventy Weeks" Prophecy following.  All the stuff after the orange line ends, with the Rapture, is what the Apocalypse (the "Book of the Revelation") is almost entirely about, with the exception of part of the 12th chapter.  That includes the part "a" on the chart, the Confederation, and the Messianic Kingdom.  And what comes after that, Eternity, in the last 2 Chapters.

The end of the above chart, "Messiah," is the beginning of "the Kingdom of Heaven" (or the Kingdom administered from and by Heaven), which is in two phases:

            1.         The last 1000 year reign of our Lord Jesus Christ on the present earth.

            2.         The "Day of God,"  (2 Peter 3:12, Isaiah 9:7) meaning forever, Eternity, after the

present earth has come to end, and God has given us an Eternal new Heavens and a new Earth.

 And at this point, I break off, to bring in the second chart, a "meanwhile, back in Jerusalem" chart depicting the astonishing prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27, the "Seventy Weeks" prophecy.  The precision of this prophecy is such that many, such as Sir Isaac Newton have said "Christianity stands or falls, on this prophecy!"  Talk about an example of "falsifiability," this is certainly it!






Part2.         The Future for the World from Daniel 9:24-27 (lower blue and green line)

A few years after God told us about the events of the upper chart through the prophet Daniel, He gave us the Prophecy of the "Seventy Weeks," the blue part of the lower chart above.  This is given in Daniel 9:24-27.  The seventy weeks is the specification of an exact precision period of time for three important events.  "Seventy weeks" actually means seventy shabua, or "seventy sevens," of course not actual weeks, necessarily.  Seventy sevens of what, then?  Without proving it here (it is very clearly shown by comparison with parallel Bible passages, and the additional fact that it is now history, having been fulfilled to the exact day on both ends![10]), it means "70 X 7 X 360 days," erroneously called "490 years," by many commentators on the Bible.  "490 years" is close: but not close enough --- no cigar!  The Bible knows what years are, being mentioned throughout the Bible, and the word for solar years, nor the idea of them, occurs nowhere in any reference to this prophecy --- for a very good reason, which is by no means just some "mystical" reason.

 The "seventy sevens" is divided into 3 groups in the prophecy --- two of them consecutive --- and the third one far from being consecutive; it is a totally different time from the first two, following a long gap period after them.  To try to bring a little brevity in here, I consider the first two together, the 69 sevens.

The first period was a period of 69 X 7 X 360 days, or a period of 173,880 days. God told Daniel (Daniel 9:25) that a future king (who turned out to be the Persian emperor Artaxerxes Longimanus) was going to give a commandment/permit to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem.  This occurred (Nehemiah 2:1-8) in March 5, BC 444, somewhat less than a hundred years after the prophecy was given.  But this was only the commencement of the prophecy!  He said that exactly 173,880 days after that event, (see preceding paragraph if you missed it) the Messiah Prince would arrive as prophesied King (Zechariah 9:9) to  Jerusalem (it's important that all this prophecy is all about Jerusalem, and takes place IN Jerusalem --- most of the ignorant schemes --- preceding footnote --- go astray on this point, as well.  They simply ignore Daniel 9:24, and come up with all sorts of other places instead --- Bethlehem for one; the Jordan river for another, etc).  I repeat: JERUSALEM, and nowhere but Jerusalem --- is the subject of this entire (that is, the blue and green lines: and not the specific "a" notes included above) Prophecy!  Ignore that, as most "commentators" do, and you have the  breeding ground for all the harebrained Bible contradicting schemes most commentators come up with.  You don't ignore details given in  Bible Prophecies and arrive at Truth.

The Precision Fulfillment of the Wonderful Prophecy:

On exactly the 173,880th day from the above date, March 5, BC 444, the Lord Jesus entered Jerusalem on what is erroneously called "Palm Sunday," as her King, on Monday, March 30 (the Jewish date of Nisan 10, required also by Exodus 12:3 and Leviticus 23), AD 33.  This was given in Dr. Harold Hoehner's doctoral thesis, and in "Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ," and I give it in a simplified form here: 

A mean solar year[11] is 365.24198 . . . days.  So 173,880 days / 365.24198  days per year gives 476.06766 mean solar years for the prophecy to be fulfilled.

From the date of the edict, March 5, BC444, to March 5, AD 1 ("BC 1" to "AD 1" is one year), are 444 mean solar years, and ---

From March 5, AD 1 to March 5, AD 33 is 32 years, for 444 + 32 = 476 years, from the edict to March 5, AD 33. 

That leaves .06766 mean solar years to go, or .06766 years X 365.24198 days = 25 days, bringing the Prophecy's fulfillment date to exactly                                               March 30, AD 33,  the exact date on which the Lord Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey's colt, not only fulfilling Zechariah 9:9, but also the exact day 
of the week required by Exodus 12:3, as the Lamb to be slain 4 days later (Exodus 12:6), on Friday, Nisan 14, at 3 pm in the afternoon, fulfilling the 
first day in the grave, to be raised on Sunday, the third day following, fulfilling Leviticus 23:11

(Anderson’s error comes out at April 2, 32 AD, as I remember, which I don’t think comes out to be either a Monday, or Nisan 10, both of which 
are necessary to the Truths of the other Scriptures; and it also apparently runs afoul of Luke 3:1 --- see below)


There's still more that fits into all this! 

Bible History tells us that the Lord's ministry began in the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar (Luke 3:1).  Tiberius Caesar's reign began in 14 AD, meaning that the Lord's ministry began about 29 AD.   It is evident from the Gospel of John that the Lord's ministry included 4 Passovers (the last of which He became Our Passover) covering about 3 1/2 years.  That would agree with the 33 AD date for the Prophecy fulfillment.  

Now, astronomical calculations show that there are only certain years in which Nisan 14 (the date of the Crucifixion, according to Exodus 12:6 and Leviticus 23) can occur on a Friday (as all 4 Gospels repeatedly affirm it did --- as does the Leviticus 23 passage --- this must be an important point, therefore, one would think --- and yet it is still contradicted by most "commentators").  The only years anywhere near sensible are 30 AD, and 33 AD, the correct year.  And 30 AD must be thrown out because it contradicts all of the above points.  It would contradict Luke 3:1/John, and it would contradict the 70 weeks Prophecy. 

Another strong point is that 30 AD would also clash seriously with Pilate's actions, vs. his well known character, under his political situation in 30 AD, but would fit precisely with his drastically changed political situation in 33 AD (involving the downfall and execution of his mentor, the anti-semitic Sejanus).   Nothing short of this would explain how the Sanhedrim would be able to force Pilate out of bed at 6 AM to conduct the mock trial for the murder of their Messiah.

Further, according to Leviticus 23:11, again, the Lord's Crucifixion had to be on a Friday, as all 4 Gospels agree that it was.  Also, in Luke 24, the event when the Lord walked with the couple on the Road to Emmaus, which they referred to as the third day from His Crucifixion, was clearly on a Sunday (Leviticus 23:11, cf John 20:17), so that the second day would have been the Sabbath, as the Scriptures say it was[12], and the day of Crucifixion would be the day before,  Friday. 


In summary, the first "69 Weeks" prophecy foretold that on Monday, Nisan 10 (Exodus 12:3), March 30, AD 33, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and the Lamb to be slain, would arrive in Jerusalem (Zechariah 9:9).  And after this arrival, He would be slain, and "have nothing."  That is, after the 69 "Weeks" had ended, but before the 70th "Week" had begun, Messiah (the Lamb of God) would be slain (for the sins of His People, and on their behalf).  (Daniel 9:26)  But how long after? 

The "70 Weeks" Prophecy doesn't say.  However, Exodus 12:6 does: He would be slain on Nisan 14, four days after the Lamb was "selected."  He would be slain 4 days into the gap period between the end of the 69th Week and the beginning of the 70th Week,which is going to commence with another edict: Daniel 9:27

This "gap" period is all-important to recognize; and therefore most commentators and pulpits ignore it entirely!  It is the green line shown on the part 2 chart.  Since the 69th Week has ended, and since the 70th Week has not yet begun (thank God! And for the fact that we Christians will be out of here before it does!  Because, as stated before, that will be the most horrible period of all the ages --- Matthew 24:15---), it is obvious that we are in the ending portion of the green line today, in the gap period.  And we are also in a "gap within the gap" --- the orange line in the chart, called "the Mystery."  

This orange line is completely a New Testament subject, expounded mainly in the Scriptures of the Apostle Paul, who was called for that purpose (Ephesians 2:11- 3:10) --- it was kept secret all through the Old Testament, and even through the earthly ministry of our Lord, gradually being revealed through the Book of the Acts.  Therefore it is called "Mystery" --- Gr. musterion, which means "secret."  But I'm getting ahead of myself: this is the subject of Part 3. 

Back to the "gap," the green line, the period between the end of the "69th Week" (which ended with "Palm Sunday" --- actually a Monday as we have seen) and the beginning of the "70th Week".  Daniel 9:25 covers the first "69 Weeks;" Daniel 9:26 covers the "gap;" and Daniel 9:27 covers the last "70th Week."  There are only two events given for the "gap" in Daniel 9:26 --- 

     (1)   The Crucifixion of the Messiah; (Friday, Nisan 14, April 3, AD 33)[13] 

     (2)  The destruction of the city and the Sanctuary (which happened in 70 AD, by the Romans). 

--- although the gap has lasted 2000 years (which is about how long we should expect it to last, as I intend to show, unless I forget --- one of the many reasons we can expect the end to be very close), about 4 X as long as the whole "70 Weeks." 

A tricky remark is made in Daniel 9:26, regarding the 70 AD destruction of Jerusalem:  It states that the destruction will be by the people of the prince that is to come.  This is the source of the title of Sir Robert Anderson's great book study on this, "The Coming Prince."  The destruction has occurred, as prophesied in numerous Bible passages, and so we now know (although it wasn't revealed in the Prophecy) that "the people" referred to are the Romans.  The "prince that is to come" has not occurred yet, as is clear from the next verse, v27.  But now, because of this statement, we have an important bit of information about that man --- he is going to be in some way, a Roman.  And that certainly fits in well with what we have seen up to now.  (This is, of course, the man referred to as "the beast," and "the antichrist," etc) 

The green line includes all the history of the past 2000 years, eg, Constantine, the Huns, the Vikings, the crusades, the Inquisition, the Illuminati, Napoleon, the Nazis, the Communists, the Clinton/Bush regime and 911, etc.  I don't believe there is a word in all Prophecy regarding these, because, again, they are part of the "Mystery" (secret) era (Ephesians 3:1-5, etc).  But I could be wrong: that conclusion could be somewhat non-sequitur. 

Then, the gap will end with an event which ushers in the final "70th Week."  This is described as "Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week;" Daniel 9:27a.  This is full of subtle meaning, not all of which we can fully understand yet, perhaps.  The "he" must refer back, according to grammar rules, to "the prince that shall come," of vs 26.  "confirm a covenant" seems to mean something like "inaugurate, or enact a treaty."  The most common idea here is that this "antichrist" is going to go into a solemn treaty with "many of Israel" (who are unbelievers in Christ --- for this, a large amount of study background of parallel passages comes in which I can't go into right now).  What does this treaty involve?  Again, without going into a lot of background, many commentators think that one of the main things it involves is that this prince is going to promise Israel protection under his wing, and is going to help them (or do it all for them) rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.  One of the reasons for this latter belief is that that Temple is clearly going to be there during the latter part of the "70th Week;" it isn't there now; and there doesn't seem to be any other time it could be built, than during the first half of the "70 th Week."  One of the reasons for thinking that the Jewish participants in this treaty are unbelievers is strengthened by the fact that it says "many," as emphatically distinct from the idea of "all."  

There is some logic here regarding the timing of this treaty, and therefore, of the onset of the 70th Week.  To "confirm" this covenant requires that the prince already be established in an high political position or office.  Someone of world-class fame, at least.  2 Thessalonians 2:3 (this passage is another large study in itself) mentions a crucial point in time when this man is "revealed;" and it may be a bit uncertain as to what point in his career that refers to.  But it would seem that this revealing might well precede his confirmation of the covenant, and therefore of the onset of the 70th Week.  It could well be that this very event IS his revealing; that thought appears as good as any other[14].  

If so, he must have been rising to that level of power before his "revealing, which would put his rise to power in the latter part of the green line on the chart (and for reasons I'll present in Part 3, after we have been taken out, at the Rapture, at the end of the orange line).  Meaning, of course, in that little last segment of the green line I labelled "a".  And thus I gave "the rise of the beast" as one of the events to occur during that time. 

He makes this treaty to be effective for the "70th Week," but like all governments, he has no intention of keeping his word.  He treasonously breaks it in the middle of the Week, accompanying many abominable acts, which usher in the terrible "Great Tribulation" period (Matthew 24:15), far worse than any time in history or thereafter. 

The Apocalypse (the " Revelation") is almost entirely about this 70th Week, and all that follows it.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the present Mystery period[15].  (That's because in reality, Revelation is actually an Old Testament Book, in which the Mystery --- the orange line on the chart --- was kept secret).  Once you understand that, you will be in a very lonely position, but you will be well on your way to understanding Revelation.  And you will be much farther along in understanding "what the future holds."  This is the "extreme futuristic view" of Revelation, as it is derogatorily called; but it is also the correct view.  To see that it is the correct view, two things are very helpful: (1)  a thorough understanding of The Seventy Weeks Prophecy and associated passages, and (2) which we go to now, Part 3, a thorough understanding of The Mystery (Ephesians 3:1-10):


Part 3 The Mystery (Ephesians 2:11-3:10)


“mystery” comes from the Grk. Word, musterion, which in turn comes from the Grk. Word, muo, which someone has described as “to shut the mouth.”  Our English word “mute” comes from it.  Musterion simply means “secret,” or something now revealed that was formerly kept secret, as the Bible defines it in Ephesians 3:5.


Christians are informed, in Romans 16:24-25, that there are three basic doctrines essential to their approval when they stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ: doctrines that we are all but commanded to know thoroughly.  Sometime, you might count, on a couple of your fingers, how many Christians do.  Those doctrines are:


1.                  The Gospel.                        (The doctrine given in 1 Corinthians 15:2-4.)

2.                  The Mystery.                      (Those things that were formerly kept secret.)

3.                  The Prophetic Writings.    (Those things that were formerly revealed.)


In other words, “mystery” refers to the exact opposite of “prophecy,” which we have been into with the blue lines on the chart.  “What the future holds” involves both mystery and prophecy.


The orange line on the chart depicts The Mystery.  A definition is given of it, in Ephesians 3:6 ---


That the Gentiles should be:


1.                  Fellowheirs

2.                  Members of the same Body

3.                  Partakers of the Messianic Promises


--- with ISRAEL! [16] 


In Prophecy, and throughout the Old Testament, Israel has a special position, ministry, and calling from God.  They, and they alone, were given the Law (such as the “ten commandments --- Exodus 20 --- along with enormous volumes more), Prophetic promises of a Kingdom where they will reign with Christ and have a Land, where no Israelite will be unsaved after the Kindom begins, ever again, where they are to reign over the Gentiles with a Priestly reign --- a vastly different kind of reign than  this world has ever seen, etc.  see Romans 3:1, 9:1-11, Colossians 1, Ephesians 2:11-3:10, etc.


However, as God foreknew, and largely kept secret (that is, “mystery,” with a few exception passages in the OT), there would be a time when Israel would temporarily be fallen, and for a time not be God’s special People.  Instead, God would make a new special Body of saints, composed of BOTH Israelites (but only a “remnant” of them) and Gentiles, to minister to the world in place of the Israel of the OT calling, from which they fell, temporarily.  We are living in that time, today, and the Apostle Paul, sort of taking the place of the OT Moses, has been appointed “steward” (similar to a “foreman” in a factory) to reveal and to give the instructions and characteristics of living in this age (Eph. 3:1-3).


Although the Mystery primarily focusses on God’s Church (almost always misunderstood by most “dispensationalists”17 ), which means “called out ones,” which refers today to the above mentioned Israel-Gentile Body of saved persons (called “the one new Man” in Ephesians 2:11-3:1, which a Christian should study at this point --- that “one New Man” is the Church of today, somewhat erroneously called “the Body of Christ” by many dispensationalists), it has profound impact on every aspect of the whole world’s affairs for the past 2000 years.  For one thing, Bible Prophecy, which is going to be vastly world changing, as we have seen in the previous parts, is today set aside.  Many of the Truths under Prophecy are not Truths of today.  In fact, the conditions today are a very contradiction of the conditions which are Prophesied.


Let’s list a few of the major differences (some are repeats of what already has been said):


1.         God does not take action against the sins of man, today.  His wrath against sin is suspended. 

(2 Corinthians 5:19).  Which has enormous implications on world affairs.[17] This phenomenon is

true of no other time period except one: the days before the Flood.  Instead, He is offering

reconciliation, today. 


2.                  Every Believer today is indwelt by the Spirit of Christ (Romans 8:9, 2 Corinthians 5:17)[18].  He and he alone has the capacity to understand the Bible, and all Truth ( 1 Corinthians 2:14 ).  This phenomenon is unique to the Mystery period.


3.                  Israel, nationally, is blinded toward God, today.  Only a few exceptions among them will come to

salvation through faith in Christ[19].  This phenomenon will be reversed in the coming age.


4.         The “Blessed Hope” for the Mystery is that not everyone will die!  Behold, I tell you a Mystery

(secret, never before revealed --- cp 1 Thessalonians 4:15), we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be

changed!” (some idiot erroneously pasted this verse on the wall of a church nursery!)  The OT

saints were promised a Resurrection (which we now know means the Rapture --- but they didn’t

know that), but never was there a hope given of not having to die, first!  That hope only exists

during the Mystery.  And all through the Mystery, since the Rapture is an imminent Hope.


5.         Miraculous public sign evidences are not for the Mystery.  ( 1 Corinthians 13, 2 Corinthians 4,

2 Peter 1:19-21.






All of the world's unbelievers in Christ are actually going to worship him as God, ultimately --- not just because there may be a death penalty for not doing so, but they will be actually overwhelmed by him, and

do it right out of their hearts.  He is going to proclaim himself as God, and all the unsaved world is going to accept him as such.  Thus, the term "antichrist."  He will, as I'm sure everyone has somewhere heard, will set up a statue of himself right in the "Holy of holies" of the to be rebuilt Jewish Temple.  And this statue will be satanically empowered to "have life, move, and speak," and to start giving orders!  Orders including that all who do not worship "antichrist" will be put to death.


















[1]               This is the same type of thought used to develop Science and Mathematics --- "Laws" in Science, and "Axioms and Postulates" in Mathematics, are the fundamental assumptions which on which mathematics and sciences are built.  These assumptions are accepted as TRUTHS for all time, based on the fact that they are always observed to occur.  So they are taken as a reliable bases for further more complex conclusions.  (although any Christian knows that what is revealed by God can, and will, override what is presently observed at some time in the future; and it has done so in the past ---  2 Peter 3:3-10.  And therefore, that "Science" can in no way discredit Bible Prophecy, or the facts of the  Genesis Creation, which deal with things outside of present observations.  They deal with FUTURE and with PAST, respectively, which PRESENT observations can say nothing whatsoever about).

[2]               There have been, of course, other huge empires as well, in history, which are not mentioned, either in this Prophecy, or anywhere else in the Bible.  There are at least 3 reasons for this, which we will come to in the remaining Parts.

[3]               This also reveals the fascinating origin of the magi, of the "Christmas story" in Matthew 2.

[4]               I would say, "yes, the Bible indicates space travel."  But this is going to be so far superior to anything we've ever seen or imagined (1 Corinthians 2:9) that such a statement would be a silly understatement.  There is good evidence that we will be living in higher dimensions, as the angels appear to inhabit, from much evidence, and as did the Lord Jesus in His resurrection (or rather, His Resurrection-Ascension).

[5]               For a number of very good reasons, besides the fact that goes under a number of different names and titles, all of which are essential to the whole picture.  I probably shouldn't (because the Bible didn't --- not even in Revelation, when political Rome's part in all this was  in progress, and well known), but for convenience and psychological reasons, I will refer to this power as "Rome" through most of this paper.

[6]               Next to come, as far as this Prophecy is concerned.  There are several other things to occur, likely before it does, which are covered in Parts 2 - 4.  The main one of these is "the Rapture," alluded to in the next paragraph above, and depicted on the orange line in Part 3.


[7]               I just came across a news item telling of processes (secret and illegal) in progress right now to merge Mexico, US, and Canada into one "NorthAmerica" region.  This is nearly the region depicted on Rome's map for us for the future. (Endnote c).

[8]               Christianity is not a religion.  Religions are from men; Judeo-Christianity was revealed and imposed by God from Heaven, as any Believer  (and any valid "historian") knows, which is one of the things I'm trying to show in this paper, and which is indicated by the fact that the calendar used by the civilized world today is based on Jesus Christ, as is the work week in use in most nations.  But I'm referring, again, to Christianity: NOT to "christendom:" that is a religion, or rather a collection of religions.

[9]               "Come out of her, My People, that ye be not partaker of her sins" (meaning the consequences of her sins, in particular)

[10]             There are lots of "prophecy" teachers out there, today.  The first thing I want to hear from any one of them is what he does with these "69 weeks."  That is how I decide whether to listen any further to him.  If his scheme doesn't work this prophecy out to exact day precision (and almost none of them do, or even attempt to), he doesn't know what he's talking about, and he is going to be wrong about the other associated prophecies as well, right down the line.  Some of those that do include Dr. Harold Hoehner of Dallas Theological Seminary (the man who did the original modern studies on it, correcting the work of Sir Robert Anderson), John MacArthur, and Robert Meyers (after paying attention to Dr. Hoehner's study).  Sir Robert Anderson almost a century ago pioneered the study on this.  Unfortunately he erred by one year on the dates, because of knowledge not available at his time, about the accession years of the Persian monarchs.  A larger number of commentators still follow Anderson, not being aware of Hoehner's work. (I did.)

[11]             Using mean solar years instead of Julian years, or Gregorian years (which we use) is more accurate and far simpler, avoiding the complicated hassle of figuring “leap years,” and other things such as calendar changes.  That’s one reason the Bible didn’t say “years.”

[12]             In fact, John 19:31 specifies that that Sabbath was "an high Sabbath," meaning it was one of those times when a Religious Sabbath coincided with an ordinary weekly Sabbath.  Meaning that the second day was indeed a Saturday, absolutely undeniably.  One would think that this alone would dispel all the silly contradictions teachers are teaching, but sadly, it does not --- they simply ignore it.  There is no statement in Scripture that is to be ignored (2 Timothy 3:16-17).  There is not one statement in the Bible that is not there for an important purpose.  As anyone would expect from a Book which is The Word of God.


One of the reasons they are doing this is that they are thoughtlessly mixing up two distinct Prophecies as one: there was (1) a Prophecy that the Lord would be in Sheol for three days and three nights (and trying to make that a continuous period of 72 hours --- one error on top of another --- it doesn’t have to be 72 hours; and it CANNOT be continuous!), and there was (2) the other Prophecy that the Lord would rise on the third day.  Anyone who thinks a little for a moment on this will see that mixing these two together as one is a logical impossibility.  You cannot be in the grave for 72 consecutive hours, AND rise from the grave on the third day! (having entered the grave during the daytime, as the Lord did, as prophesied).  If you entered during a daytime, you would have to rise during a nighttime!  As we see next, the Lord’s final exit from Sheol was Sunday night, but that was not His Resurrection.


How, then, do I resolve this seemingly impossible dilemma?  By simply coming to an understanding of what both Prophecies are actually saying --- and believing them.  (another study --- if you're interested, I would be happy to send it to you).  And the result of doing this opens up several other beautiful insights into Leviticus, and the Firstfruits, and deeper things that were involved, both in the time in Sheol, and in the real Ascension.  (I can't resist pointing out, here, that the Lord “resurrected” before 6 am, before the women arrived --- that is, before it was officially Sunday morning --- that is, while it was still the Sabbath --- the second day! But the resurrection alone is not regarded as the completion of His rising [just as His crucifixion alone --- at 9 am, Friday --- is not regarded as the completion of His being slain --- He died at 3 pm, Friday --- as was prophesied, loosely, Exodus 12:6].  He Ascended to the Father, as the Firstfruits from the dead, to be received on our behalf and be declared Son of God in Power [Romans 1:4, etc], after He left Mary Magdalene in the garden [John 20:17 --- referring to Leviticus 23 about the Firstfruits], when it was indeed Sunday, the third day. --- We are going to understand practically nothing, and miss out on everything, if we remain satisfied with the sloppy junk coming out of the pulpits and commentaries of our day.  Doing so is actually unbelief!  We need to do as Jacob did, when God renamed him Israel ["prince with GOD"]: "except THOU bless me, I will not let THEE go!")

[13]             Most commentators and pulpits glibly assume the Crucifixion as the end of the 69th Week, which, of course, contradicts Daniel 9:25-26.  And, of course, give no reason for it.  It's apparently just the thought that naturally came into their minds as they were "preparing" their sermons or "expositions."

[14]             But his “revealing” could also well be the point at which he breaks his treaty, which we are coming to next.  Both events are good possibilities.

[15]             Revelation has not one word about Paul, Timothy, Luke, Barnabas, the Rapture (our Blessed Hope), Luke, any events of the Apostolic period, etc, etc, etc.  It does make mention of the 12 Apostles, but only in their prophetic roles, not one thing about their actions in the New Testament history.  It does make mention of Christ dying for our sins and being raised again, but that is a subject of all time, not solely "according to the Revelation of the Mystery" (Romans 16:25).  In the letters to the Seven Churches, the Jews are spoken of as currently being God's special People (as they are going to be in Prophecy), whereas during the present Mystery Era, they are definitely stated not to be.  Today, they are Lo-Ammi (Hosea 1) .  One of the "Churches" addressed by Revelation never even existed at that time, the "Church in Thyatira;" (there was a Lydia, from Thyatira, mentioned in Acts 16:14, but this did not lead to any church in her home town, according to the well accepted history) and this was a big reason some of the ancients argued against Revelation as part of the Canon for a long time.  Likewise, numerous groups and individuals alluded to by the Revelation apparently never existed --- history doesn't mention them, and the Bible nowhere else mentions them.  This is for the simple reason that they are people who will exist in the Future, which is the subject of Revelation, but did not exist in the past.

[16]             Yes,  I have been “taught” all my life that we are to “recognize the distinctions between ‘the Church’ and ‘Israel’” (most of which are directly Bible-contradicting hogwash, including the terminology in the quotes. Cp Colossians 1:12-13.  Cp. 2 Corinthians 7:1.  Cp 2 Timothy 3:15.  Cp Hebrews 11:39-40.  Cp. 1 Corinthians 6:1-3.  Cp. 1 John 2:28-3:3.  Cp 1 Peter 4:17.  Cp Etc.). 


But what I’m trying to give, instead, is what the BIBLE says!  Read it!  The obvious true theme everywhere is that God has joined the two men (Ephesians 2:11-3:10 and everywhere else); but their continual theme is separation of the two. They are right, that recognition of the Mystery is SO important; but what is even more important is to get it right!  It’s so easy to go astray in this matter, and they are going 180 degrees astray.  The events of my licensing ceremony with them were fascinating, and really brought this out.

[17]             For one thing it gives rise to “there is no God,” “God is dead,” etc.  This causes man to lose all fear of God on the greatest scale; and evil soars.  That is the connection indicated, “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in the coming of the Son of Man.”  The only effectual evidence of God today is through those who know and preach the Gospel (Romans 1:18).  They are the ones holding back the holocaust that is to come when they are taken out, in the Rapture (2 Thessalonians 2:4-8)  If the world had any brains, it would be VERY thankful for them, instead of the hatred it has shown and will show more and more to them.

[18]             How I wish someone would tell this fact to some of the “pastors” of our “churches” of today.  What differences that would make in the formats of the “services” and the results on the congregations and on the world (Eph. 4:4-15)!  As The Student’s Commentary says, at Colossians 3:16, “the church has fallen so low that the vast mass of its members are dumb; and are satisfied that one man only in each congregation should teach and admonish.”  The GIFTS that God died to give us are rotting on the vine instead of being put to use by what should be by the function of the pastors.  The “pulpit” as it is today shouldn’t even exist, and much less should it be the dwelling of a “pastor.”

[19]             It is true that all unbelievers are supernaturally blinded (2 Cor. 4:4).  But Israel is in some special and more effectual way.  For one thing, (and I can’t be dogmatic here, but I think), Israel’s blinding is by God Himself (Isaiah 6 cf John 12 cf Romans 11), whereas that blinding of all unbelievers is merely by satan.

a              Suppose I would tell you that tomorrow at 3:45 pm you would receive an email message from me.  And sure enough, the next day you found an email message from me to you, at exactly 3:45 pm!


What would you conclude?  That I had displayed some supernatural magical knowledge of the future?  That I had “prophesied?” 


Of course not!  You would know that I had simply told you what I was going to do, and when the time came, I did it!  Nothing “magic,” or supernatural, about it at all.


I had simply kept my word, that’s all.


That’s the way it is with Bible Prophecy.  There’s nothing “magical,” or “supernatural” about it at all.  (Don’t get me wrong, here --- I’m not denying the supernatural --- all Divine, angelic, or demonic activity is “supernatural,” obviously, since God, angels, and demons are spirits, and therefore beyond the “natural” we understand, and therefore are not subject to the “Laws of Nature” we have formulated in our “sciences.”)  Bible Prophecy is simply a matter of God revealing to us what He plans to do at some time in the future, and keeping His Word, when the time comes.  That’s what the Greek word for “prophecy” (pro – before; phemi – to say, or affirm) literally means.  A prophecy is a “promise.”


However, when such promises are made, which no man could ever seriously make, such as those fulfilled hundreds of years afterward, or those involving complete details beyond the knowledge of any man could have at the time they were made, it becomes very obvious to anyone with beyond a vegetable mentality that those promises could only have been made by someone other than a man. 


Now, satan also makes prophecies; but his prophecies often fail, as we have seen repeatedly through the various modern “psychics.”


Since the Bible goes on with hundreds after hundreds of such Prophecies, not one of which ever fails, it becomes obvious that that Bible is exactly what it claims to be: the Word of God.  The Prophecies of these charts alone are enough to establish that.  And it also becomes obvious that those Prophecies which are still future are going to be yet fulfilled just as certainly as those already fulfilled were.  Satan is a liar: God cannot lie (Titus 1:2). 


(One of the many things that God cannot do; other such things are any other things that would be wrong.  That’s why He had to die for our sins, in order to save any of us.  He would never have done so if there were any other right way.)


Therefore, to ignore, or disbelieve, Bible Prophecy, is an insult against God, a very, very serious sin.  In fact, the Bible makes clear that it is the worst sin a man can commit.  It is the essence of what the Lord Jesus called “the unpardonable sin” (blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, Who is the ultimate Author of Bible Prophecy), which alone is the reason for damnation to Hell. (John 3:18-19, 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12, Luke 16:31, John 10:26-27, etc). 


And most people are going through their entire lives, doing exactly that. (“the whole world lieth in the wicked one”[satan]).


That last passage is so clear and important:  If you do not HEAR Him (give heed to what He says, in the Bible), you do not believe in Him! And you are NOT one of His sheep (that is, you are not saved)!  If you remain in that state, you will die in your sins (John 8:24, 3:18, 36), and be in Hell, forever!


So, if you are in this state, what can you do about it?  Just once . . . hear Him!  He says (a Bible Prophecy) “Whosoever will call on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ will be saved” (Romans 10:13). 


He says (another Bible Prophecy) “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus (that is, Jesus Christ as your Lord) and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved) Romans 10:9. 


He says (another Bible Prophecy) “God so loved the world that He gave His onlybegotten Son (the Lord Jesus Christ), that any person who trusts in Him (the Lord Jesus Christ) will never be condemned for his sins, but have everlasting life. John 3:16, probably the most famous sentence in all literature.


But you wouldn’t --- you couldn’t --- call on Him, or trust in Him, without first believing in Him, enough to do it.  What can you do if you are in that state? 


That’s why the Gospel of John was written!  But these things are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name. --- John 20:31. 


The Gospel of John is the only Book in the Bible that is addressed specifically to those who do not yet have saving belief.  Get into It, HEARING it, and God will give you the faith to be saved!  That is what God is promising (Bible Prophecy) in this verse! 


Find a Bible Believer to help you with your study of it.  He is indwelt by the Spirit of God (Romans 8:9), Who gives all discernment and understanding (1 Corinthians 2:14).