How to KNOW You're Saved, or Not

Part 2




In Part 1, the first indicator that you are really saved (that is, that you are really one of “His sheep”) is from John 10:27-28, and it is whether you “Hear His Voice” (that is, that you are into the Bible for your answers and direction in everything). If you thus HEAR the Scriptures, Believe them and in them, you are saved; if you don’t, but hear man instead, you are not saved; you are yet “in your sins” --- John 8:24.


The second indicator that you are really saved is from 1 John 5:13; and it is whether you Believe in His Name.  Which means that you KNOW that He is God (incarnate --- John 1:14), that He is your Saviour (Matthew 1:23, Luke 2:11, etc), all that the Scriptures include in the meaning of “His Name.”  If you KNOW these things, you are saved; if you do not know them, you are not.


The third indicator that you are really saved is from Romans 10:13: and it is whether you have ever called on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, KNOWING Who He is (the next verse, verse 14 --- see also Hebrews 11:6 which says the same thing).  If you have called on Him, knowing Who He is, you have been saved forever more.  If you have not, it is probably because you do not Believe in Him, and are therefore not saved.


Those are review of Part 1.


A fourth indicator is a corollary[1] of the first and third indicators:  it is from

John 4:10-11, which says that if you[2] (1) KNOW Who Jesus Christ is {as Luke 2:11 and Isaiah 9:6}, and (2) KNOW what the Gift of God is, you have been saved forever (cp 2 Thessalonians 1:7, which is discussed below under negative indicators).


It is important to see that whether you are saved or not IS NOT BASED ON WHAT YOU DO, OR HOW YOU LIVE (contrary to what almost all “christians” think).  IT IS BASED, INSTEAD, ON WHAT YOU KNOW.


It is also important to know that by Grace are ye saved through faith; and (even) that is not of yourselves; it is the GIFT of God.  It is not of works, lest any man should have occasion to boast --- Ephesians 2:8-9. You can take no more credit for the fact that you have been born into Heaven than you can take for the fact that you were born into this world.  The difference is that you can lose your life in this world; but you can never lose your life to Heaven.

John 10:28-28, Ephesians 4:30, etc).



Now, let’s look at a few proofs if you’re NOT saved:


(1)      The first indicator above also works in reverse. If you’re not into the Scriptures, as the Lord said, in John 10:27-28, you are not His sheep.[3]

(2)      The second indicator above also works in reverse. If you do not Believe in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ (as described above) you would not trust in Him; and you are not saved.  You are saved if you trust in Him, Believe in Him.  If you don’t, according to John 3:18 and 36, you are not saved. His Name includes the fact that He is God incarnate, and He said that “If ye believe not that I AM (a name of God, given at the burning bush to Moses --- Exodus 3:14), ye shall die in your sinsJohn 8:24 --- see also John 8:56 on this.


(3)      The third indicator above also works in reverse. 1 Corinthians describes people who are saved as people: “who in every place call on the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, both theirs and ours.”  Which means they continually pray to Him, which is calling on Him.  If you seldom do this, you are in doubt, as to your salvation.  If you never do, you are almost certainly not saved.


(4)      The fourth indicator comes from Luke 16:31: “If they HEAR not Moses and the Prophets, they will not Believe.”  Which implies, again, they will not be saved. 


There are many “christians” running around who “believe” that the earth is millions or billions of years old.  That comes from, and only from, the atheist hypothesis the world believes called “evolution.”  There is no real evidence for it.[4]  The biggest problem with that belief, however, is that it blatantly contradicts “Moses and the Prophets.”  Either the Bible, or that belief, is utterly false.  In Exodus 20:11, God said plainly, “For in six days God made the Heavens and the Earth and all that is therein.” That six days must include all the supposed billions of years that evolution claims for the development of the earth and all its life as we know it.  You cannot “hear Moses and the Prophets” and believe in millions and billions of years. 


I have asked “christians" who were “scientists,”[5] while debating with them, if they believed Exodus 20:11.  They said, in moments of honesty, that they did not.


And you can’t either, if you believe in evolution.



Christ Died to Save You





[1]     A corollary of a conclusion, in logic, is a further conclusion which follows immediately from the preceding conclusion.


[2]     Although this was spoken to the woman at the well, it is equally true of anyone else as well, obviously.


[3]     Some complex questions can arise on this.  If you are troubled by any of them, please ask me!

[4]     I have enough university training and practice in the sciences to know what I’m talking about here. See


[5]     Any “science” is built on Laws which are based on observation and experimentation.  Evolution is not a science, therefore, since we have no observations of the great past. Except perhaps for Moses, and certainly God, for us who Believe Him. He indicates that all the present “scientific laws” may have had their beginning at Genesis 3, perhaps including the present speed of light.  There is absolutely no logical evidence to refute this.  See previous footnote.