This is a tragedy.  I have assumed Dr. McKetta is a Christian, and I still tend to think so, from some of his comments.  But there is a problem, here, since our Lord Jesus has stated that any one who does not hear Moses and the Prophets (especiallly meaning Genesis 1 and Exodus 20:11) is not a Believer (Luke 16:31).  The clear message of the Bible is that the earth (and the Universe) is not billions of years old, but it was created in 6 days, which 6 days include all of the development of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms that are in our world today.  Hebrew scholars emphatically state that that is the only possible meaning of the Genesis days, and of course, of Exodus 20:11.  And they testify that no scholar of any repute holds otherwise.

But Dr. McKetta is far from being alone in accepting this time garbage from atheistic Evolution.  One of my best theology authors, on my shelf in front of me, Charles Baker,  in his "Dispensational Theology," also argues for the "billions of years."

But there is not even the slightest "scientific" evidence for  the Evolutionary ages, since "science" by definition can only deal with what is observed; and what is observed is locked within "present times."  

But even though there is no evidence, there are some psychologically powerful arguments for the Evolutionary time claims.  One of the "best" of these is, "If the Universe is only a few thousand years old, as the Bible teaches, then how come we see stars and galaxies that are billions of light years away?"  Dr. Russell Humphreys (Sandia Laboratories) deals with that question in a very effective and clever manner, based on General Relativity and his "TRUE Big Bang" concept (the popular "Big Bang" notions are not the True Big Bang idea) in his book, "STARLIGHT AND TIME,"  arriving at a figure around 6000 years for "earth clocks," although he agrees with billions of years for clocks at the outer edges of the Universe.  His oft repeated rejoinder to someone asking about how old the earth is, is "by whose clocks?"

However, I don't believe any arguments from modern science, including his, are necessary at all.  I believe that Believers throughout the past have always had all that they needed to refute the Evolutionary atheism, without any need for modern "scientific knowledge."  All any one ever needed, or needs today, is to TRULY BELIEVE in the Creation God revealed. That belief self contains all the answer needed for refutation.  Because under Creation "theory" it is utterly impossible to determine time, scientifically. Because, to any Believer, there is no problem whatever with the fact that God could have created the Universe exactly as it is today, in every detail, only 5 minutes ago!  In fact, that's what happened to Adam: at the instant God created him, he apparently had hair growth, teeth, a spoken language, reproductive maturity, and knowledge and intellect way beyond ours, today, of a full grown man at least 30 years old.

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