On Hebrews 6:4-6

Well, that’s our first mistake, right there.  The passage starts back in chapter 5, vs 11.   If you’re really interested in the passage, please follow it with me in a Bible or two:

 And its context (have you ever heard of context?) is the subject of Hebrew Christian Education.  The subject matter that should and should not be dwelt on, considering the maturity level and nature of the students. 

 Although God certainly does make many statements in Scripture that are “out of context,” it certainly might at least be valuable with a difficult and “controversial” passage such as this one to give at least a little heed to the context.


In a nutshell, the passage goes like this:


{5:11} There is much more to be said, on the previous subject [Christ and His Priesthood] but it is difficult to do so because of the lack of Spiritual maturity of the Hebrew Christian subjects to whom Paul (1) is writing.


{5:12}  His hearers have been SAVED CHRISTIANS (definitely to keep in mind, for our subject, here, is it not?) for a considerable time [years].


{5:12-14} But they are still “pre-kindergartners” who can’t handle deeper things.  Milk, rather than meat, is still their food.


{6:1-3} But in spite of the difficulty, let’s be moved along into the deeper things by the Holy Ghost; and proceed toward the goal of maturity; LEAVING the endless bashing around of the elementary things (milk) once and for all


(which elementary things include:


a.   turning to faith in God, rather than our own “good works” for salvation

b.   the various arguments over baptisms

c.   laying on of hands [ceremonial appointments]

d.  the details of the Resurrection

e.   the Judgments of the saved and of the unsaved).

{6:4-8} It’s pointless, anyway, to repeatedly go over and over this milk, because those who don’t retain it [whose hearts it never really sank into], and produce from it, after one or two tries, never will.  This is because of the nature of the “soil” that they have become; they have dulled themselves again to the things of the Son of God, just as if they had never even been saved.


{6:9-}  But Paul is convinced, after all, that that hasn’t yet happened to his readers, in particular . . . [else he wouldn’t be pursuing what he said in vs. 1]

 Now, with that CONTEXT in mind, let’s list the common ways in which men approach Heb. 6:4-6, and see if we can get to the Truth about it:

“A person can be lost again, after having been saved.”

“The peril of Hebrew Christians sinking back into Judaism.”

“The peril of any Christian not being concerned about pressing on to maturity.”

“It’s about people who heard the Gospel but never were really saved.”

“It’s talking about people who were saved, but disagrees with #1; they do not become lost again.”

Now, if you have been with me so far, take your pick among the above 5, or add another of your own. 

 If you have been with me so far, you have picked #3, of course.  [#5 is true, but #3 is the more specific and to the point].  But let’s wind up with a final discussion on some of them:


This is the most common view, and the worst and stupidest of all, by far.  Sadly, many Believers appear to hold it, as do almost all of the unbelieving blasphemers I encounter on the internet.  The latter don’t have a clue as to what they’re talking about (as the last one I dealt with just a few days ago said: he didn’t have any need to look into it: it was as plain already to him as it needed to be).

 Why is it the worst of all?  Because (although “Believers” who hold it don’t see this), it is THE contradiction of the basic “milk” of the Gospel, repeatedly taught by the Lord Jesus Himself. 

It contradicts John 10:28, where He said that any person who has become His sheep (which He defined as a person who HEARS His Word), WILL NEVER PERISH; He has given them EVERLASTING LIFE.

It contradicts the most famous of all, John 3:16, where He said that any person who trusts in Him WILL NEVER PERISH; BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE.

Just one more logical point, from one of His Apostles, the Apostle to the Gentiles:
Romans 8:28-30.  It says that there is no person whom He foreknew who He did not plan the entire life and destiny of; and there is no such person as that, who He did not call; and there is no person whom He called that He did not justify (make righteous, in His sight); and there is no person whom He so justified, that He will not ultimately bring into Glory forever.

Believing in #1 is basically unbelief of the Gospel; and any “believer” who holds it can be regarded as in great danger: he very well is no real Believer at all.


It’s probably true, what Dr. Barnhouse said, “The Epistle to the Hebrews was written to the Hebrews to show the Hebrews that they had to stop being Hebrews.”  

But that is not a cure-all covering everything in the Epistle.  Anyone who knows Paul, and the Scriptures in general, knows that it is not the nature of Paul or the Scriptures to be locked onto just one subject.  You do not find many “treatises” as we know them in Scripture, if any at all.  Even the introduction I gave above on this passage reveals a lot of wandering!  

That’s because God has so much to say, dummy! 

I’m repeatedly told to “stick to one subject.”  The main theme of the “Advanced Composition” course I took at UCal in Davis was “focus, focus, focus!”  That’s because they don’t want us to “lose our audience,” meaning they think most of my audience has an attention span of a kindergartner.  That’s probably true, but I’d just as soon lose those, anyway. 

This passage in no way is limited to Hebrews alone, of course.  As it says Itself, ALL OF THOSE “who were enlightened, who have tasted, . . .” and that certainly means more than just Hebrew Christians. 

Nuff said.  Don’t want to lose you. 

Well, I’ll say just one thing more: that view of Dr. Barnhouse would do nothing to solve the problem we are here dealing with.




 And the Christian who does not is going to wind up as if he weren’t even saved (eg, those “Christians” who buy #1; and who think the 3 WTC towers were brought straight down into the earth by 2 Islamic hijacked commercial planes --- God says, “Cursed be the man that trusteth in man”)



 First of all, #4 doesn’t fit the context above, at all. 

Secondly, it’s beyond my brain how a person could have “been enlightened,” tasted the Heavenly Gift, and FAR ABOVE THESE, have been made a “partaker of the Holy Ghost,” without having been saved (1 Cor 2:14, Romans 8:9, etc).


Christ Died to Save You